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How To Choose Bridesmaids Dresses?

Let's face it - choosing bridesmaids dresses can be extremely stressful & complicated. There are many things to take into consideration while choosing bridesmaids dresses. Such as, different body shapes, style preferences which will suit one's body, & lastly, the budget. While deciding what's best for your special day, you need to ensure that your bridal squad matches the essence of your wedding & that the bridesmaids compliment the bride & her choice of dress.

Here are a few steps in order to help you choose your bridal squads look!

The Colour Scheme Of Your Wedding.

The colour of your bridesmaids dresses, should definitely match that of your of your wedding colour scheme, even if it is a different shade, lighter or darker, it needs to align. Choosing dress styles would be easier once you know the colour or overall tone in which your wedding will be. You might not have a specific colour scheme for your wedding, but if you are looking at a wedding with neutral colours you looking at options such as, olive green, sage green, beige, champagne & brown. These are colours us fashion designers, refer to, as 'earthly colours.'

The emphasis being put on the colour scheme is due to the relationship between style and colour, these have a considerable impact on one another. Sounds ridiculous, I know! These are aspects you need to think about while discussing the bridesmaids dresses, to ensure an outcome you are completely satisfied with.

Keep Your Dress Style In Mind.

It is important to keep in mind the style of your wedding dress, while designing your bridesmaids dresses. A clear example of this would be if your wedding dress is a vintage & traditional dress, try match your bridesmaids dresses with the same traditional aspects meaning you should avoid styles that are 'trending' & have modern dress silhouettes to it.

Having detail that is unique to your wedding dress should subtly be included into your bridesmaids dress, even if it is in a form of an accessory. If your wedding dress has a big bow, maybe your bridesmaids dress straps could be made in a bow as well, or even have hair pieces made from the bridesmaids fabric, in a shape of a bow. These are just examples of minor details that can be added, which are subtle & tasteful in order to have a bridal squad that is in unison with the bride.

Keep The Bridesmaids The Same

Pointing out your bridesmaid squad should be easy!

The bridesmaids should at least all have the same dress lengths, in order to have some kind of unison, especially if their bodice styles are a bit different (according to style preference.) Bridesmaids might not have the same dress styles, however, their hairstyles, bouquets, accessories & shoes should all be the same. This is always nice as it ties up the bridal party neatly.

Everyone is different and prefers to have their own unique style, as a bridesmaid. This is why it is important to have elements that definitely match the bride & her wedding. Another useful approach when choosing bridesmaids dresses & ensuring they all look the same, is to opt for simplistic dress styles, creating a compromise between style, functionality & individual taste. This allows the bridal party to tie up nicely.

Be A Creative Bride!

As a bride you can be meticulous with how you want your bridal squad to look, and part of that process is by sitting down & trying different textures, different fabrics & brainstorming with a fashion designer to ensure, everyone in the brides squad is satisfied & excited for the day you say 'I do.'

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