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A Few Things To Think About While Choosing Your Wedding Dress.

Every bride has an ideal idea of what they want their dream dress to look like but when looking for your dream dress your ideas and mindset may change once you're in the moment & fitting different styles. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the perfect dress for your big day!

  • Have A Head Start By Starting Early.

Starting ahead will definitely be advisable so that you are not rushing the process. Having said that, it is also advisable that you do not pick a dress too early in the fitting phase as styles and trends change & you might start to second guess your choice or have a change of heart. Starting early is just an idea in order to allow yourself

time to try & mix and match what you truly like. It helps as well, as you might have this idea in your mind that you want a straight A- line dress but then when you fit it, you're a bit disappointed & you actually prefer a worked bodice with a flair, these are just examples of things that might happen during your process. Hence why time is extremely important, when choosing your wedding dress.

  • Set A Realistic Budget For Your Wedding Dress.

Setting a budget while looking for your wedding dress, will allow you & your sales ladies a guideline of how much & what exactly is available for you. Setting a realistic budget will help you narrow your options down & allow you to fit willingly & comfortably, as it eliminates time on items you won't be interested in & ideas that potentially will only confuse you & make you rethink everything.

  • Pick A Dress That Best Suits Your Personal Style.

Knowing your style while choosing your dream dress can definitely make the dress process easier. Your dress style should also match your wedding theme & even your wedding venue. Knowing your style is going to eliminate all confusion when choosing your wedding dress. Is your dress style classic, does it involve lace or is it more boho? These are all styles that would fit with your wedding theme, whether its a classic or even an outdoor wedding, which would lean more towards your boho style dress. These are all elements that need to be considered when choosing your wedding dress, it sounds overwhelming, I know! But relax and enjoy the process, you will know which will be your dress, when you put it on & you look & feel like the bride you always envisioned yourself to be.

  • Choose A Bridal Dress Based On Your Fit.

I think this is important to think about when choosing your dress, as it happens all the time. Being in the industry, we have noticed that, brides always want to fit dresses based on their 'preferred size.' I would strongly suggest that you try on dresses that fit you in the present, the reason being is, it helps provide the silhouette of what you are looking for & how it already looks on you, not on what it might look like if you got to a different size. A friendly reminder for all the new brides out there, is that you are a bride & you will look beautiful regardless of the size you are. The key is just to find the perfect dress that makes you feel like a bride, whether it be a flared dress, a tight - fitted dress or even a mermaid style dress, you will look beautiful so enjoy the process.

  • Make Sure You Choose A Dress That You Are Comfortable In.

Your wedding dress should definitely be comfortable, weddings are a long occasion, one you wish will never end! Having a comfortable dress is not the main idea, as we all want our dresses to be beautiful & unique, however, comfort is definitely essential in you enjoying your beautiful day. Try keep all your options in mind & be open minded during your dress shopping process. Be open to trying new styles & things that may seem out of the ordinary to you!

Here's to your wedding dress shopping. I hope you keep in mind a few of these tips, just to help make the process a little less overwhelming & more enjoyable so that you look & feel beautiful on your special day!

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